Politiche del lavoro, inclusione sociale e modelli di capitalismo


Aula: Blu, Polo Didattico Pantaleoni

Coordinatori di sessione: Luigi Burroni, Roberto Rizza


The political influence of the EU on national/subnational social security policy. The political economy of unemployment benefits after the Great Recession in Italy.

Rose Mulè

Varieties of capitalism facing inequalities in the labour market after the crisis

Deborah De Luca

Between Quantity and Quality of Employment. The Drivers of Inclusive Growth in European Countries

Gemma Scalise, Luigi Burroni

I sistemi di welfare nell’Est asiatico a confronto: tra produttivismo e diritti sociali

Ijin Hong

Wellbeing at Work and Education levels in the UK and France: Measuring the Impact of the British Model of Capitalism

Catherine Coron