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What Impact for Non-Curricular Internships?

(E. Cappellini, M.L. Maitino, V.Patacchini e N. Sciclone)


From 2011 Tuscany Region is financing non-curricular internships as a privileged tool to facilitated the entry of young people into the labour market. This policy establishes a public contribution for firms who activate work experiences consistent with the regional regulation. Paid non-curricular internships gained lot of success since the opening of the project and they are currently a main pillar of the Youth Guarantee Initiative.

Our analysis evaluates the effectiveness of paid internships to make youth work careers take off. In order to fulfil this purpose, we articulated the analysis on three main research questions: i) do internships effectively support young people in entering the labour market? ii) Do trainees find a new job faster than other temporary workers once their employment relationship ceases? iii) Is the effect of training persistent over time? Results indicate a positive effect of internships in increasing work opportunities and in fostering job continuity; these effects are however stronger for young participants without previous working experiences.

After our evaluation, regional policy makers actively acknowledged results and restricted their call for contributions to candidates just exit from the educational/training system. Therefore, a final evaluation has been recently conducted in order to test the effectiveness of the contribution restriction.
Moving to methodological aspects, different statistic technique for impact evaluation have been used: a non experimental control group design has been implemented in order to compare the employment outcomes of interns to young unemployed, whereas a model for survival analysis has been employed to compare interns to other temporary workers.